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We have complied a slightly limited version of our menu for delivery only during the lockdown period. Orders 📋 can be placed directly with us.

☎️ 23 on Hazelwood –  Call or WhatsApp 079 846 4592

☎️ 23 on Rubenstein – Call 012 993 0240

A delivery fee of R20 is applicable with the added option to tip the driver. 🛃 We will be delivering within an 8km radius, allowing you to receive your order super fresh. Payment via card only. 💳

Our staff follow strict hygiene and sanitisation rules 🦠 set out by the government. Your safety is our priority. ⚠️ Please wear your mask 😷 when receiving your order.

*Served all day

  • Eggs, back bacon, boerewors, grilled cherry tomatoes, pan fried button mushrooms, chips & toast.

  • Two hash browns topped with back bacon, grilled cherry tomatoes, poached eggs & Hollandaise sauce.

  • Freshly baked sesame seed burger bun with boerewors, back bacon, hash brown, scrambled eggs, grilled cherry tomatoes, grilled onions & cheese sauce. Add chips for R20.

  • With spinach, feta & peppadews & toast

  • Folded flat bread filled with scrambled eggs, pomodoro, back bacon, wild rocket & grilled cherry tomatoes drizzled with Hollandaise sauce.

  • Freshly chopped paw paw, grapefruit, flaked almonds, honey & yogurt.

  • Toasted English muffin topped with creamy spinach, ham, poached eggs, wild rocket & Hollandaise sauce. Replace ham add smoked Norwegian salmon for R35.

  • Chorizo sausage scrambled with eggs, grilled onions, peppers, tomato & chilli flakes served with toast

  • With back bacon, pan fried button mushrooms, cheddar & toast

  • Two hash browns topped with cream cheese, chives, avocado & smoked Norwegian salmon drizzled with basil pesto yogurt

  • With back bacon, scrambled eggs & Hollandaise sauce.

  • Muesli, double thick yogurt & freshly chopped fruit.

*Served on Ciabatta or Rye Bread. Add chips or salad for R25.

  • Toasted sandwich with chicken mayonnaise & chives. Add bacon for R20. Add avocado for R20.

  • Toasted sandwich with avocado, mozzarella & bacon.

  • 89

    Freshly chopped papaya, pineapple, carrot, red chilli, mint, cashew nuts, salsa & soya sauce dressing.

  • Smoked Norwegian salmon, cream cheese, red onion, pickles, strawberries, & teriyaki served with soya mayo & mixed lettuce.

  • Sesame seed coated grilled chicken strips with Danish feta, avocado, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce & honey mustard dressing. Add haloumi for R30.

  • Cajun coated chicken strips, Danish feta, peppadews, wild rocket, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, sweet corn, olives and mixed lettuce.

*Tortilla toasted and cut with your choice of fillings

  • With grilled chicken strips, mozzarella, back bacon & sriracha mayonnaise (spicy). Add avocado for R20.

  • 79

    With avocado, Danish feta, pistachio nuts, mozzarella, spinach & basil pesto mayo.

  • With mozzarella, grilled back bacon, avocado & Danish feta.

  • With mince, sweet corn, avocado, fresh chilli & cheddar cheese.

* Add chips or salad for R25

  • 75

    Three mini beef burgers, one BBQ, one cheese sauce, one pepper sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickles, grilled onion.

  • 100% beef patty chargrilled with smashed avocado, crispy bacon, jalapeño mayo, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, pickles, grilled onion & burger dressing.

  • 75

    100% beef patty chargrilled with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, pickles, grilled onion & burger dressing.

  • 100% beef patty chargrilled with creamy cognac pepper sauce, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, pickles, grilled onion & burger dressing.

*Add chips or salad for R25

  • With grilled haloumi, avocado, wild rocket, spinach, carrot & creamy sweet chilli. Add chicken strips for R35.

  • With grilled chicken strips, avocado, Danish feta, wild rocket & basil pesto yogurt mayo.

  • With grilled BBQ chicken strips, crispy bacon bits, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red onion & burger mayo.

  • Pie filled with gravy, chicken, mushrooms, carrot and onion. Add chips or salad for R25.

  • Mango chutney curry chicken livers served with a crispy dipping bread.

  • Spicy grilled fillet with cherry tomatoes, red onion, wild rocket, cheddar & pickles served on ciabatta. Add chips or salad for R25.

  • 85

    Tortilla chips topped with cheddar, sweet mustard, mozzarella, salsa & jalapeños served with smashed avocado & sour cream. Add mince or chicken strips for R35. Add bacon bits for R20.

  • 105

    Panko crumbed hake fillet served with tartar sauce & chips. Add salad for R25.

  • Slow roasted honey mustard pork belly served with chips. Add salad for R25.

  • 189

    600g Pork ribs flame grilled & basted in BBQ sauce served with chips.

  • Calamari & chorizo grilled in a lemon butter & peri peri sauce served with rice.

  • Deboned lamb cubes cooked in a mild & spicy curry sauce served with sambals & rice. Add flatbread for R19.

  • Traditional mince Bolognese served with parmesan shavings.

  • 55

    Spinach & Feta OR Bacon & Mushroom. Add chips or salad for R25.

  • Chicken strips coated in panko crumbs & fried until golden brown served with cheese sauce. Add chips or salad for R25.

  • Lemon & Herb or Peri Peri flame grilled half chicken served with chips or salad. Add avocado for R20.

  • 75

    Fried egg noodles with teriyaki sauce, sesame seeds, cashew nuts, roasted peppers, sweet corn, Danish feta, spinach & grilled onions. Add Chicken strips for R35. Add Beef Fillet strips for R55.

  • Panko crumbed chicken breast topped with marinara sauce & mozzarella served with salad. Add chips for R25.

  • 189

    500g T-Bone flame grilled & served with chips.

  • 139

    Grilled west coast sole served with lemon butter sauce & rice.

  • Coconut curry with sweet potato, chickpeas, red onion, cashew nuts & spinach served with sambals & rice. Add flatbread for R19.

  • Pasta tossed in fresh basil pesto cream sauce with grilled chicken strips, peppadews & Danish feta.

*Add almond milk for R8



  • 50

    Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, yogurt & honey

  • Peach, pineapple & mango

Freshly Pressed

  • 40

    Apple, cucumber, celery, pineapple, mint & lemon

  • 40

    Apple, spinach, lettuce, celery & cucumber

  • 40

    Apple, cucumber, celery, pineapple, mint & lemon

  • 40

    Apple, spinach, lettuce, celery & cucumber

Iced Teas

Soft Drinks